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Thankful for you

Listening to episode 678 and would like to know what is something that happened to the two of you this past year that you're thankful for?

Intimacy Lifestyle

You've shared how you schedule sex and the Intimacy Lifestyle you've been doing for years. What do we do when it's not going as we have planned it out?

Sleeping in your "birthday suit"

We try to keep our bed to just us but we have seven kids and invariably someone comes in our bed at night. How do we sleep naked when chances are good someone is going to come in during the night?

Video games are destroying our marriage!

My husband plays video games a lot! I understand that he needs time to decompress but I feel like it's done at my expense. When he's playing video games I'm either doing the dishes or folding the laundry once the kids are in bed. When I do have the chance to spend one-on-one time with my hubby, I take it because it's more important than chores. However he plays video games and I'm stuck doing everything late into the night. HELP!

Becoming a Best-Selling Author and Keeping a Happy Marriage

What is your process for taking a book from idea to publication and how have you managed the stress of such a long-term project when you are working on it together?